​Eye to eye

Walking around in the bush and being able to get close up to wild animals provides such a rush.

At a recent drinks break while on safari I came across two Black Backed Jackals lazing about near our spot. One of the jackals took a great interest in our presence and decided to come investigate. These little creatures are truly fascinating to watch. It seems as if every move of theirs is a calculated one.

I managed to find a bush where I could hide behind to try and make my presence less known. The jackal approached, cautiously, but with great interest. For a while it paused, probably calculating, and went to rest under a nearby bush. I was not as stealthy as what I had thought and soon the jackal and I locked eyes. 

It is really fascinating to watch the behavior of animals change once they’ve seen you watching them, especially when on foot. As soon as the jackal saw me it got up and started to move away. 

The inquisitive nature of the jackal persisted. It still kept a watchful eye and moved away for a few paces. Then it seemed uncertain about retreating and came closer for a few paces. Then it would back off again.

After enjoying this little interaction I decided to give the animal some space and headed back to the vehicle.

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  1. Blackbacked jackals number among my favourite animals. I once spent the best part of a day observing them near a waterhole in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and learned so much about their social behaviour as a result.

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