​Moving out

The first rain of the rainy season has arrived and the Lowveld is buzzing with new life.
The air is filled with the frenzied calls of the migratory Woodlands Kingfisher and Red Chested Cuckoo. The leaves cover the trees once again and green grass cover previously barren land.

I have been noticing some constant Black-backed Jackal activity in a certain area while on drive with my guests. I kept wondering what the reason for this was. I had hoped that it might be a den site nearby. 

One morning I headed out on drive again, bypassing the same area where the jackals had been seen so many times before. Out in the open, parading on a fallen tree stump stood two jackal pups. My dreams had come true. It was a den site indeed.

These pups wasted no time investigating their new surrounds, moving outside of the safety of their den. I saw four little ones in total, but these two were by far the most active of the litter. As with most youngsters they were very playful and an air of mischief surrounded them. 

The mother lay patiently nearby watching over her offspring. She looked tired and exhausted. 

I cannot imagine it being an easy task looking after four energetic jackal pups.

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