​At my doorstep

In the bush anything is possible. This could not be further from the truth as I witnessed something incredible at my doorstep.
What started out as a normal day in the bush would most certainly not end as a normal day in the bush. I started my day with a game drive and it was relatively quiet in the veld. I headed out to the area close to where I stay. As I neared the area I saw some Kudu bulls making a run for their lives. I looked around and found some Impala looking anxiously in one direction.

Impala alarm calls filled the air in the direction which the others were staring at. I quickly made my way to the scene. En route I found two male cheetahs calling and quickly making their way towards my accommodation. The two cats led me to the most incredible sight. 

Down on the ground laid another cheetah with an impala ram struggling in its throat. The other two joined in the feast.

This coalition wasted no time in tucking into the freshly killed antelope. They were on high alert, each taking a few seconds to scan the immediate environment for potential predators. 

It was fascinating to watch the efficiency with which they dismantled the carcass and devoured their meal. Within a few minutes most of the flesh had been consumed and they all looked rather satisfied with themselves.

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