Adventures at the hyena den

If there is one animal that looks as if it is always up to mischief, it has to be young hyenas at a den.

I am currently fortunate to witness a set of two hyena cubs moving freely around an active hyena den. Most of my encounters with these rascals seem to be catching them in the middle of some kind of game. Their endless supply of energy never seems to fade.

I have seen them since they were little and they are growing at an alarming rate. Besides their curious nature, it is always fascinating to watch the colour changes on their coats. There is also a period where their legs grow faster than the rest of their body. This disproportionate shape adds to their adorability.

The cubs know all too well that there is a limit to which they may explore their environment. Their den is situated within a large termite mound. The entrance is a large hole that leads deep inside, providing them with ample cover for when danger strikes or when mom is out looking for a meal.

The most entertaining part of spending time with these little ones is watching how inquisitive they are with the presence of a vehicle nearby. Sometimes I get lucky and they venture along a well-trodden pathway towards the vehicle. They may sniff my tires, stare blankly at me wondering what I’m doing there. Then they turn around and run straight back to the termite mound.

Have you ever had the opportunity to spend some time with tiny hyena cubs?

6 Comments on “Adventures at the hyena den

  1. What a great blog! On several occasions I have had the privilege to witness these ‘little rascals’ when on game drives in your beautiful country. They are truly amazing and I always find it hard to accept that most people find the adult hyenas despicable. They fulfill their role in nature’s beauty and I find it easy to see the wonder in them. Hope to see them again next year, we shall be visiting soon. Thank you Cal for another great blog.

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    • Agreed Marianne, despicable is certainly not a quality they possess. Fingers crossed that the den is still active on your next visit.


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