Peek a boo

The New Year has kicked off with a bang and I find myself in a very different part of the country starting a completely new adventure.

I have started training and studying as a field guide close to the Makalali Private Nature Reserve in the Limpopo Province. I have finally settled in and the surroundings are becoming more familiar to me. Opportunity waits around every corner and around every corner you might find something a little bit more curious than yourself.

I woke up this morning and took a step outside. Taking in the sound of the bountiful bird calls and insect screeches, I noticed something moving around close to my room.

Peek a boo

This little Dwarf Mongoose was very curious as to who was living out in the bush with it. It stood cautiously behind the wall for quite some time. Once it saw that I posed no threat to it, the creature revealed itself and moved casually across my courtyard.


There are many interesting things going on around camp and the reserve and soon there will be more exciting stories to tell.

7 Comments on “Peek a boo

  1. SO glad you are back and I look forward to hearing more about your new surroundings. With your keen eye you are bound to become an interesting field guide – good luck.

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  2. That is just so cute Cal. Hope he/she becomes less worried. Glad you have settled in and are enjoying your course and the surroundings. Keep well 🙂

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