Hopefully another hooked lip

One thing that has always boggled my mind is how far some people wish to drive while on safari. Sometimes there’s enough to be seen in the immediate vicinity around the lodge/camp.

After one very entertaining morning game drive it was time to head back to the lodge for breakfast. The guide headed towards the lodge, but deliberately missed the turnoff. I found this odd, but felt assured that he had done so for good reason. We headed down the road and turned into a track leading into the bush.

I would never have guessed what roamed so close to the lodge. A short distance into the bush, out in the open, was a magnificent female Black Rhino.


This beautiful, critically endangered creature was casually moving from shrub to shrub feeding, uncharacteristically, in the open. The black rhino prefer to be hidden away in thicker vegetation. We repositioned the vehicle to get a better view and not to disturb her browsing break.


What was sad about this specific rhino is that she has given birth to two calves before, but she was unable to raise them successfully. The guide said that they were not sure why the calves had not survived, but they hope that she will produce another youngster and hopefully raise it to adulthood this time around.


I truly hope that I’ll have the privilege to see this rhino again and hopefully she’ll have a strong, healthy calf by her side yet again.


4 Comments on “Hopefully another hooked lip

  1. We treasure every encounter we’ve ever had with black rhinos, even those where they caused our heart rates to escalate with their vicious charges!

    Very special photos, Cal!

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