A cub no more

It is fascinating to watch what changes when you assign time to the bush. It is just over a year ago since Schotia female leopard had a set of cubs. Unfortunately one passed on at a young age, but the other one survived.

I have not seen the young male cub for a few months. The mom and her youngster were recently spotted on a kill. When I made my way to the sighting I was expecting to see a young, juvenile male leopard. I was shocked.

Schotia Cub Kill-1

The juvenile had grown extremely quickly since my last encounter. He has grown taller than his mother and has filled out well too. I watched how the two felines climbed up a tree and feasted on their kill. Schotia already ate her share. The young male wasted no time taking control of the carcass. He spent about 10 minutes readjusting the carcass, trying to get a good position to feed from.

Schotia Cub Kill-2

During his feast, mom selected a large, flat Marula branch on which to take a nap. When she arose from her slumber she had to contend with a very cheeky youngster. The juvenile did not want to share the meal with his mother. He kept growling and hissing at her.

Schotia Cub Kill-3

Schotia’s youngster will most likely stick around for a few more months before going independent. I wait in keen anticipation to hear what he will be named once he leaves the safe care that his mother has provided over the past year.

2 Comments on “A cub no more

  1. Beautifully illustrative photographs and interesting to read of the changes that have already taken place in the development of this youngster.


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