Journey with Giraffe

One of my favourite moments in the bush is when I take guests out on drive and as we round a bend we are greeted with one of the most graceful and elegant animals in the African bush.

To many people the giraffe is one of the most fascinating animals that one may come across while on safari. It also happens to be one of the most requested animals to see while roaming around the savannas.

Every giraffe has a unique coat pattern just like a fingerprint. I have seen great colour variations ranging from extremely light coloured giraffe to ones that are so dark, they appear black in colour.

One experience that I truly enjoy is finding some giraffe while on bush walk. Giraffe are incredibly inquisitive animals. If you are lucky enough to find some while on a walk, their first reaction will be to stop and stare at you. They want to ascertain whether you are a predator or up to no good. They will stand tall, focusing their full attention on you, ensuring that they do not lose sight of you. If the situation and immediate environment allows for it, I might approach a little closer and then take a seat on the ground. With their curiosity climbing, the giraffe may approach nearer to investigate what you are up to now. Once they are at a comfortable distance from you it feels as if these giants are towering above you.

Of all the collective nouns for animals, giraffe must take the cake for the most creative of the lot. A stationary group of giraffe are called a tower of giraffe. As the group starts walking they are referred to as a journey of giraffe. As soon as they take flight and start to run, they are called a kaleidoscope of giraffe.

I do not think it matters whether it is your first wild giraffe encounter or your hundredth, these animals remain one of the most iconic and keystone animals in the African bush.

4 Comments on “Journey with Giraffe

  1. I appreciate your vivid descriptions of these animals as well as your wonderful photographs. Given your empathy with animals, I imagine visitors are fortunate to have you taking them round to see them.

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  2. Being a common sight in many of our reserves it seems visitors often take giraffes for granted. But they’re beautiful and fascinating animals, as your images depict so marvelously, Cal. That final sunset-shot is awesome.

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    • Thank you so much, yes lucky timing with the sunset shot. I do see many visitors simply driving by the more common animals in favour of other more seemingly important animal sightings. Such a pity though as they are as important and have provided me with ample great sights.

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