Skulls & Bones

Throughout Kruger you’ll see an abundance of life in all shapes, colours and sizes. If you look carefully enough you’ll also see evidence of the life that once was.

I did not even imagine that I would come across so many skulls and bones scattered around Kruger. When you see these skulls and bones your imagination automatically runs away with you and you start to wonder how those animals lost their lives.

What scared me the most was where I got to see all these skulls and bones.

Walking along the boundary fence along the Sabie River in Skukuza rest camp, I noticed a large buffalo skull within two metres of the fence. Although the fence is electrified, it really isn’t all that high. The fence is also about 2 metres away from the pedestrian walk way. This buffalo met his demise assumingly by some hungry lions within full view of the campers.

Skull in Skukuza

You can easily become restless while being stuck in your car after driving for kilometres on end. Kruger has designated areas where you may alight from your vehicle. Most of these areas are of historical significance, scenic vantage points or geological points of interest. These areas do provide some relief for stiff legs, but caution must be exercised when stepping outside.



I arrived at one of the get out points, Eileen Orpen Rocks, close to Tshokwane. This is a large set of granite rocks balancing on top of each other. It was raining so I didn’t get out. I drove right up to the rock and read the information tablet embedded in it. The tablet was dedicated to Mrs Eileen Orpen who donated 7 farms to be included into the Kruger Park. The tablet indicated that this is a get out point.

The next moment I looked down at the ground and saw some Kudu Horns at the sight. This made me very nervous to think that kills are made at the very spot where it is assumed to be “safe” to walk around.

Kudu horns Rocks

Having lunch at the Lower Sabie restaurant really allows you to relax and take in the natural environment around you. The Sabie River flows past the restaurant where hippos, crocodiles, birds and game come to have a drink.

On my first arrival at the restaurant I scanned the area and in the bush, just a few metres from the fence, another buffalo skull with some bones was spotted. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to witness this event, but whoever was at the restaurant that day would have had a clear view of what unfolded.

Skull in Lower Sabie

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