Brave little mouse

Wildlife comes in many shapes and sizes and any animal can become a subject to photograph. Often we want to see the Big 5 or see something spectacular happening that we will often overlook the simpler things that happen around us.

I was walking along the path to the bird hide at Intaka Island one morning, when I saw something run across the gravel pathway. The early morning light was just starting to shine through the bushes and created a soft filtered glow. I focussed my gaze and caught a glimpse of a little Four Striped Mouse in front of me.


I stood still and then got down on the ground to get a picture of the mouse. It was not too concerned with me being close to it, but the mouse did keep a watchful eye over my movements. It was moving casually around a very small area looking for some food. I was surprised at how unperturbed the little mouse was.

Only after taking a couple of shots did I realised that the little creature was injured. There was quite a big gash on the mouse’s rear. I’m not sure whether this would have been caused by a fight with another mouse, a mongoose or possibly a failed hunt by one of the larger birds at the wetland reserve.

Mouse1[1]Mouse4[1]The injury didn’t seem to immobilise the mouse and it simply continued with its daily routine. I managed to capture some photographs and proceeded towards the bird hide. The mouse looked at me and then scurried off into the bushes.

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