A windless day in Cape Town provides the most amazing sights around water sources. I experienced such a day at Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Cape Town.

I headed out early morning as usual and found myself sitting in the Sunset Hide. There was not a breathe of wind on the water. It was as if the water had become a large mirror.

Soon after sunrise I saw a pair of Black Winged Stilts fly in and feed in the shallow waters in front of the hide. I could not help but take reflection shots of these birds feeding.

Black Winged Stilt-2Black Winged Stilt-3Black Winged Stilt-4

One of the birds must have been very vain as it kept looking at itself in water. Either admiring itself or wondering who this intruder was wading in its feeding area.

Black Winged Stilt-1

These tiny Black Winged Stilts managed to scoop up quite a bit of food before they took off again. There was a hive of activity from the various bird species due to the still waters. I guess it must have been very easy for them to spot food in those pristine conditions.

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