Water abound

Winter is still in full swing and as such the bird life is not as active as in summer.

I was quite surprised by the amount of water that Cape Town has received recently. The last time that I visited Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Cape Town, all the salt pans were still bone dry. I paid a quick visit there the weekend that passed and it looks like the whole place had flooded. All the pans are soaked and the wetland looks completely transformed.

Rietvlei with water

As a result of all the water bodies, I was able to shoot from another hide called Old Friends Hide. During the dry season it is almost impossible getting any shots from this hide, but when surrounded by water there is a plethora of birds around. The various species would either gather in the nearby reeds, in the water, on the banks or even fly by right in front of the hide.

There has recently been a lot of Cape Clawless Otter sightings around the viewing hides. I was fortunate enough to finally see one too. Unfortunately I was unable to get a pic of one as it caught me by surprise.

3 Comments on “Water abound

  1. Wonderful shots, again, Cal! The variety of life so close to human settlements is astounding, just goes to show what a productive environment Rietvlei must be.


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