Marching in

Arriving at a waterhole with an elephant bull wading in the water is such a pleasure to watch.

Marching In

A few minutes later I thought I heard something moving in the bushes around the waterhole. Seemingly out of nowhere a herd of elephants marched in. Then after that another small herd. Then another soon after that. They just seemed to stream in one after the other.


I had no idea how many elephants were going to arrive. I was so excited I couldn’t decide which groups or individuals to photograph. There was so much going on, in and around the water.

Overall around 60 elephants came down to the water. Some came to drink. Some came to swim. Some came to coat themselves in mud. Some just came to socialise.

It was very entertaining watching the various social dynamics at play between different adults, sub-adults and calves.


The only problem now is topping off a sighting like that at the waterhole again.

3 Comments on “Marching in

  1. What a wonderful experience. The more one observes the interaction between elephants the more one learns – they are fascinating animals.


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