A king’s legacy

Being the king of the jungle is no easy task. Many lion prides and coalitions have come and gone. Sometimes, their legacies will live on.

One of the lionesses from the Othawa pride was seen mating with the Majingilane male lions before the males perished. A few months later there was talk of the lioness searching for a suitable den site.

There was a flurry of excitement when someone reported that the female did indeed have cubs. We waited for a few weeks for the cubs to settle in. Then one morning she emerged with 3 cubs and presented them to the world.

Othawa Cubs-2Othawa Cubs-5

The female is an experienced mother and has managed to raise all 3 cubs successfully. At around 5 months old, they are really vulnerable to various elements in the bush. We recently had 2 adult Matimba male lions enter our area. Our concern was that they would discover the cubs. However, the female has done a fantastic job at dodging their movements.

Othawa Cubs-3Othawa Cubs-1Othawa Cubs-4

The cubs are quickly learning the art of stalking, ambushing and hunting. What better way to learn these techniques than by targeting your siblings?

Othawa Cubs Ferature-6

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    • Othawa pride is 2 adult females, subadult male and female and now three cubs. The male has broken off also to dodge the Matimbas. The female is often with the other females.

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