Moments of magic

It might be hard to imagine such a large animal being so relaxed. I reminisce about some magical moments being surrounded by these awesome animals.

Rhino-4Getting images of animals at eye level or close to it is not always easy. I found myself below a bank and this rhino approached me head on. This view provides a completely different perspective of these peaceful creatures.

Rhino-3White rhino are generally placid animals. However, when two dominant males cross territories they will clash. I witnessed two titans going head to head and not holding back. This male was the victor and he managed to get away with only a few scars.

Rhino-1It is always a pleasure finding rhino calves and watching their interaction with their mother. This female was rather protective so I only barely managed to capture this moment in time.

Rhino-2I found this rhino casually grazing. After spending some time with it I saw it was slowly moving towards a river up ahead. I saw that the sun was setting and found a gap along the river. I moved ahead of it and anticipated this sunset shot.

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