Timbavati Lions

I simply can’t get enough of the bush and a few weeks ago I spent some time in the Timbavati Game Reserve.

My first introduction was a very pleasant one. We found one of two Mbiri male lions on a wildebeest kill. Despite some battle wounds this boy looked in great condition. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this male.

Timbavati Lions-1

The next day we went to look for the other Mbiri male lion. The sun was starting to set and the heat of the day had already subsided. We entered a dry river bed and found a beautiful lion pride basking in the sun.

Timbavati Lions-2Timbavati Lions-5Timbavati Lions-6

As the air started to cool down, the cubs started to get active. They were very curious with the presence of our vehicle, but approached with caution.

Timbavati Lions-3Timbavati Lions-4

Besides the wonderful lion sightings, I was fortunate to find a leopard hunting, seeing plenty general game and simply enjoying the beautiful landscape that the Timbavati has to offer.

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