Tumbela lions find a hippo

Recent reports were given that three young male lions had entered the section north of the Sand River. At first not much information was provided as to whom this new coalition may be, leading to a fair amount of confusion. After a bit of investigation it seems the consensus is that these three young male lions hail as the Tumbela male lions from the Nharu pride in the Manyelethi.

It was really exciting to watch these new male lions slowly push closer and closer towards the river. Would they eventually cross the river? What would happen if they met with the resident Othawa Pride or the Matimba male? These were questions that were asked on a daily basis.

One morning a dead hippo was found stranded along the edge of one of the large dams. It may have lost a territorial battle with the dominant male hippo of that dam.

With such a large carcass lying around in the sun, it is bound to attract some predators. Sure enough, the Tumbela males followed the scent of a fresh carcass in the air and discovered this bush banquet.

In the process, one of the Othawa lionesses made her way to the carcass too. During the feast she was seen mating with at least two of the brothers.

The arrival of these three brothers has caused a divide in the Othawa pride. There was a brief altercation between the Matimba male lion and the new male lions. It is unclear whether there was simply vocalizing and intimidation between the various males or whether a fight took place. The Othawa mother with the sub adult lions moved in a different direction, keeping the youngsters out of harm’s way. The two groups of lions have been circling each other ever since.

The Tumbela brothers have been roaring and advertising their presence almost daily. They have already explored a fair portion of the western section and show no signs of slowing down.

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