The cutest bush season

As the summer rains get heavier and heavier, the bush seems to change on a weekly basis. Each week I notice something that was not there the week before. The air is currently filled with the scent of flowering silver cluster leaf trees. This tree presents a unique yet unpleasant odour similar to that of smelly socks.

Luckily we do not only rely on our sense of smell and we get to enjoy many of our other senses while out on safari. Summer time is very exciting for one big reason. It is the season where many animals have their babies. Sometimes the cuteness is too hard to bear and I would like to share some of these moments.

Within a few days after the first summer rains the bush will burst with greenery. This brings much welcomed relief for many of the grazers and browsers. This also allows the newborns a head start in life.

The larger herbivores like elephants and rhinos have the ability to move large distances and consume large volumes of food. They will often have babies before and after the green season.

Although the various predators do not rely on the green grassy growth, they still take full advantage of this short season. Hunting for food becomes such an easy task. This in turn allows them to bulk up quickly and produce the necessary milk for their cubs or pups that are tucked away in the safety of their various dens.

4 Comments on “The cutest bush season

  1. Wow! It has been a delight to scroll through these photographs – and again – to witness the next generation of animals. You have captured the essence of each. However, you have titled this “The cutest bush season” and so my vote for the cutest goes to the baby leopard 🙂

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