The Tumbela male lion grows stronger

Near or far, the sound of male lions roaring is sure to get you well excited for your safari adventure.

The Tumbela male lions have firmly claimed their spot in the western section of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. The three brothers wasted no time figuring out who might be ruling the area. They quickly swooped in and sniffed out the Othawa lion pride. It has been an exciting few months watching these boys settle in and grow up.

When they arrived, one could only just see the manes of these male lions. Over the last few months they have grown a considerable amount of hair and are quickly showing signs of maturity.

The Tumbela coalition is also highly successful at hunting and they won’t hesitate to take down a buffalo for dinner. A couple of weeks ago, one of the lighter maned brothers had a nasty scuffle with a buffalo. It seems that he has injured one of his legs. For the first couple of weeks he could not apply any pressure to the foot and was seen limping around.

This injury set the individual back slightly. Often the other two Tumbela brothers would walk way ahead of him, as the injured brother struggled to keep up. The lone male would hang back for a few days at a time, sometimes managing to hang around with the Othawa pride. This would at least ensure that he gets a substantial meal.

Not being able to feed as frequently as his siblings has resulted in a slight loss of condition. Although he is taking strain, he does manage to relocate his two brothers after a few days. As time heals all wounds, it looks as if he is starting to pressure on his foot again. His pace is still slow, but he is definitely on the mend.

The Tumbela lions have been mating with the Othawa lionesses over the course of the summer season. There are claims that the younger adult female is pregnant. I eagerly look forward to welcoming new lion cubs to the area.

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