A leopard around Skukuza

The final morning drive of a Kruger trip is always one that I enjoy. Slow and steady is the pace until I reach the exit gate.

My family and I left Skukuza rest camp and headed southward to Malelane gate. It could not have been more than 10-15 minutes when we saw a few vehicles stationed around a gorgeous Marula tree.

It was still cloudy and a light rain persisted. Over the previous days we managed to get partial visuals of two leopards tucked in tall grass and leafy thickets. We all hoped that our final goodbye would be another leopard in open sight.

As we got closer to the Marula tree, we all gasped in disbelief. There we had it, a gorgeous female leopard draped over the branch with no vegetation obstructing our view. We really could not have asked for it to be any better.

We all watched as the feline repositioned herself in the tree. The rain slowly dissipated. She performed a few yoga like stretches. Grooming and maintaining her luscious coat seemed to be her priority for the morning.

It seemed as if she could time her routine perfectly. As she finished up the rain returned. She once again got up and proceeded to make her way down the tree.

She slunk down into the grassy thicket below the tree and moved deeper into the bushveld. What a send off that was.

8 Comments on “A leopard around Skukuza

  1. What a send-off indeed! These are marvellous shots and how thrilling to be able to share such a sighting with your family. Your readers have benefited too.

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  2. Dear Cal, you do brighten up the day with such beautiful posts. Fantastic pics, I highly appreciate them. Your posts make the longing to visit your beautiful country again even greater. Hope to see you soon.

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