Picturesque Postberg

There’s a reason why people make such a fuss about the flower season on the west coast. It is one of the highlights to see around Cape Town in the spring time.

I spent a day in the Postberg Flower Reserve within the West Coast National Park. This section is usually closed to the public, but the landowner opens it up every year from August through to September. One can either drive through the reserve at your own leisure or book a hiking tour through the reserve.

I opted for a self-drive and I was mesmerized by the vast array of flower patches around the reserve. Most of the flowers are daisies that come up just after the last winter rains. While I was there the predominant colours were white, yellow and orange. At some sections the white flowers are so plentiful that it looks like a blanket of snow covering the ground.

In between the large patches you will some pink and blue coloured flowers.

Some of the landscapes in the park provide great opportunities for panoramic shots. The only issue when getting out of the car is contending with the bees. There were a few times when I abandoned some photo opportunities due to the bees harassing me.

I came across a healthy variety of game in this little reserve. I managed to see some Eland, Kudu, Springbok, Zebra, Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Steenbok and Ostrich. I was also pleased to see that the Yellow Billed Kites have returned from their migration.


The park does get quite full during the day so I would recommend getting there rather early. The gates to Postberg open around 9am, but the greater park opens its gates earlier. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hope to make my way there once again.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful scenery, Cal – I especially like the shot with the colourful hillside sloping down towards the water (is that the ocean or the lagoon in the background?)

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