Not just another Egyptian Goose

There are many species that we have become so accustomed to, that we often take their beauty for granted. One such species for me is the Egyptian Goose.

On a recent visit to Intaka Island, I saw yet another pair of Egyptian Geese moving around the wetland area. I generally don’t pay them much attention, but I noticed some odd behaviour from this specific pair. I saw the male swimming purposefully towards the female. I was pretty sure he was looking to mate with her. One thing that I noticed is that they were in the middle of the water.

Within a couple of seconds the male approached the female in the middle of the water. He simply climbed on top of her, pushed her under the water and proceeded to mate with her.

Once all of this commotion was over, they performed a quick post mating dance and then continued with their daily activities.


3 Comments on “Not just another Egyptian Goose

  1. Egyptian Geese are wonderful to observe. They tend to become aggressively territorial about their chosen stretches of water.


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