An easy meal

Winter is quickly approaching and life in the bush responds to the change in season.

I had some quiet time one afternoon last week. A few friends and I casually sat outside soaking up the last bit of sunshine that the season had to offer. Then one of them heard some rustling in the fallen leaves next to our sleeping quarters.

Having spent a fair amount of time in the bush by now, I’ve become more attuned to my surroundings. Leaves don’t simply rustle on a windless day so we had to go investigate the unbefitting sound.

As we approached the scene we saw the culprit. It was a Spotted Bush Snake and it quickly scaled up a little Buffalo Thorn tree. On closer inspection, it had caught a frog.


We are still getting some late season rains in the Lowveld and as a result the frogs are all over the show. I seem to have a fair amount Foam Nest Frogs around my room. The snakes are trying to stock up before winter comes in full swing.


What I love most about Spotted Bush Snakes is their placid nature. Even with its kill, this little serpentine did not seem to mind having us around. It’s biggest concern seemed to be navigating through the Buffalo Thorn. The soft skin of the frog kept getting stuck in the thorns as the snake moved higher up the tree.

Open Wide

It was truly fascinating watching a snake swallow live prey. Not using limbs to handle your meal must be challenging. Even more so when your meal is kicking back at you. This snake did what snakes do best and devoured its meal without any effort.


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