From kittens to cubs

I clearly remember the day I approached the corner of a little rocky outcrop. Standing proudly on one of the rocks was a cheetah. Not just any cheetah. A mother with four overly excited newly born cubs ready to take on the world.

That was 6 months ago and I’ve watched how these little cubs have grown into beautiful, elegant and playful sub-adult felines. Up to now three of the cubs have survived the harsh realities of the African bush.

Some of my favourite moments spent with them are during feeding time. Their mother has become a highly skilled hunter and she has provided endless meals for them. I simply adore how they tuck into their meals with such gusto while mom lays one side, patiently waiting for them to finish their share.

One thing that stands out from their growth spurts is how long their little legs have become. They no longer resemble the little balls of fluff from 6 months ago. They now run around on long, lanky legs which will eventually aid them in attaining their notorious running speeds.

Each one has already started developing interesting little personalities. Curiosity still gets the better of them and often they will come closer to investigate who and what you are. I can’t help but gaze into their beautiful, bright brown eyes.

After running around and jumping all over one another they will move aside and spend some time on their own. Often I will find them gazing into space, seemingly deep in thought or perhaps just tuning into their environment.

It has been incredible to surround myself with these little bundles of joy. I really hope that nature affords me the opportunity to witness some more of their shenanigans in times to come.

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