The hills are calling

A change is as good as a holiday they say. When that change is better than the holiday that most dream of you know you’ve made a great move.

I find myself in a different part of South Africa yet again. I have recently moved to Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve in the world renowned Sabi Sand Reserve. Within a month of being here I have seen absolutely incredible sightings and experienced many great things.

One experience that certainly stands out is being surrounded by leopards that are completely relaxed in your presence. I witnessed this young male steal a kill from a female leopard while she was stranded in the same tree due to hyenas waiting at the base of that tree.

Leopard Hills-1.jpg

Coming across some of the older and more dominant male leopards is also a truly special experience. They exude confidence and power and often allow you in their presence either by resting in front of your vehicle or simply walking alongside it.

Leopard Hills-3Leopard Hills-10

Within my first few evening game drives I have spotted some great owl sightings too.

Leopard Hills-2.jpg

There is a great variety of birds around the reserve too which help to round off the overall safari experience.

Leopard Hills-5Leopard Hills-8

With the Sabi Sand Reserve open to Kruger National Park, the elephants move around freely and they are often seen wandering through the grassy plains.

Leopard Hills-4.jpg

One of the treats is when the wild dog packs make their way back onto our property. These animals are highly endangered carnivores. It has been over a year since I have had the pleasure to witness these animals.

Leopard Hills-6Leopard Hills-14

Heading out early on drive often presents itself with different views of the animals as with this male lion waking up to the rising sun.

Leopard Hills-7.jpg

In and around the lodge you may also find some of the smaller creatures that live in the bush.

Leopard Hills-11Leopard Hills-12

When I get a break and feel like heading off to the more remote areas of the reserve I always seem to find myself gravitating towards this secluded spot along the Sand river.

Leopard Hills-9.jpg

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  1. What a romp! Your pictures and writing are better than ever – I have thoroughly enjoyed this peek at your new stamping ground.

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