A Growing Pride

Nothing is constant and everything changes. Luckily there has been an exhilarating change in the bush.

The young Othawa lioness has come of age. I was deeply excited when I heard that she was pregnant for the first time. All I had to do was to wait around 110 days to get word about new lion cubs. After a 6 weeks settling in period, I could go searching for them.

othawa cubs-1

Lionesses will usually steer clear of the pride for a few weeks after giving birth. It was just a matter of time before she introduced them to the pride.

Unfortunately I missed the introduction itself. What I did get to see was her parading her cubs proudly after stashing them in a thicket while she was hunting.

othawa cubs-3

I managed to get the whole litter shuffling along, following mom through an open clearing and down the road. The cubs wasted no time when they passed by a mud wallow. They lapped up water as fast as they could. The mother was on a mission to take them to the safety of the pride.

othawa cubs-4othawa cubs-5

She produced a litter of 3 cubs. They are still too young to confirm the genders. The young cubs have integrated successfully within the pride. Their energy is typical of growing cubs. I have had plenty sightings of them playing, learning new skills, feeding and interacting with various pride members.

othawa cubs-2othawa cubs-6

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