Khokovela and her cub

Finding new leopards is always a thrill. That excitement increases even more when there’s a new cub to be seen.

Khokovela has kept her little cub safe for a few months now. I have missed all the previous opportunities to see the little one. Finally my time came.

Khokovela Cub-2

When I arrived at the sighting I found mom close to an impala kill. The youngster was hiding in long grass. I sat patiently for a while. From the grass I heard little squeaks calling out to mom. Mom responded and the little cub came rushing out.

Khokovela Cub-1

It takes a while for cubs to get accustomed to the vehicles around them, but when you give them enough space and time they eventually settle down. The cub got rather curious and started to explore its environment. It moved over to mom and started grooming ticks off her.

Khokovela Cub-3

Khokovela has moved her territory further off of my traversing property. Hopefully I’ll get to see more of her together with her gorgeous cub soon.

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