Painted Wolves fight for their food

Waking up before sunrise and taking in the stillness of nature is certainly one way to start the morning. The bush slowly comes to life as the birds start their morning chorus, the bugs start buzzing around and the sun slowly starts to rise.

This tranquil scene is quickly broken when a pack of painted wolves enter the scene. I recently watched a pack of hungry dogs run past my water hole with pronounced enthusiasm.

Wild Dogs-6

As I went out on drive I managed to relocate a few members of the pack. Three of them had managed to get a hold of an unsuspecting impala. It does not take a great deal of time for these carnivores to finish a meal.

Wild Dogs-2Wild Dogs-3

It is no secret that these predators are highly successful in their entire operation. Unfortunately there are always scavengers waiting to capitalize on their success. Hyenas have figured out that these predators generally consume a few impala daily. As a result, some hyenas constantly trail the painted wolves. When the time is right they will simply run in and try to overpower the pack and steal the meal.

Wild Dogs-4

Luckily for the group of three, the hyena was a youngster and could not compete with its competitors. The painted wolves stood their ground and chased off the hyena after giving it a piece of their minds.

Wild Dogs-5

The trio quickly scuffed off their meal and responded to the contact calls of the rest of the pack, leaving the remnants of the impala to the vultures.

Wild Dogs-1

3 Comments on “Painted Wolves fight for their food

  1. Both your description and your photographs are marvellous! The last photograph seems to indicate the Wild Dog has lost an eye – or is this a trick of light? If it is the former, it will be interesting to see how it fares in the future.


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