From out of the reeds

The best way to experience the bush is on foot. That gives you the opportunity to experience the smaller things around you and to access areas that are not easily accessible with a vehicle.

I spent some time along the Sand River and watched a noisy Giant Kingfisher perch on a nearby tree. It then swooped down and caught a small fish. It flew a few meters away and settled on a rock. It struggled to flip the bird around and managed to lose its grip in the process. The fish landed on the rock and a Hamerkop came to steal the fish away.

During the scuffle between the two birds, another movement caught my eye. Not too far from all the action I saw a water monitor scurry off between the reeds. I noticed that it had something in its mouth.

I moved closer and waited behind a set of rocks. The monitor emerged from the reeds and provided me with great entertainment.

Water Monitor-1

In between the battle of the birds, it managed to find this rather large fish. I am not sure whether the bird was already dead or not. The fish looked far to big to swallow and I could not help but laugh at the sight.

Water Monitor-2

The water monitor casually walked past me and then moved further into some thick reeds.

2 Comments on “From out of the reeds

  1. Dramatic photographs and interesting sightings. I presume the water monitor walked off with the fish to try to consume it away from prying eyes.


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