What just crossed the road?

A day spent in nature is always a day well spent. I recently spent a whole day in a nature reserve and could not believe my luck, even from the start.

I found myself driving down a main road, scanning the bush for game. I noticed another vehicle driving extremely slowly in front of me. As I moved closer, I saw the backside of a rather large animal. I immediately recognised it as a rhino. I asked myself, “why is this car so hesitant to approach the rhino”? White rhino are usually very tolerant of vehicles. Then it hit me. Could it really be?

As I got a view of the animal it struck me. This was not a white rhino! I watched in total awe as a Black Rhino crossed the road in front of me.

Black Rhino-4

It was hands down the most relaxed black rhino that I have ever seen. It moved through a clearing and proceeded to move towards a thicket.

Black Rhino-2

Curiosity got the better of him. A few minutes later it came back out from the thickets. It stood right out in the open, sniffed the air and just stood watching the vehicles for some time.

Black Rhino-1

I most definitely did not expect to have this sort of sighting for the day. A sighting that I will remember for a long time to come.


4 Comments on “What just crossed the road?

  1. Wow, lovely photos. So good to see him close up! Thankfully no poachers around there.


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