More than just a tail

There has been an animal that has eluded me for a long time now. The best that I managed to get was simply a glimpse of its tail as it scurried into the thicket.

I recently spent some time in the Madikwe Game Reserve. I had never been to this side of the country before. I thoroughly enjoyed the landscape and the ruggedness of the area. There were a few animals and birds that I had been hoping to see. Luck was on my side and I managed to see what I came to see.

I headed out on drive one afternoon. After a very successful outing, sitting with a roaring male lion and big elephant bulls, we slowly made our way back to the lodge. Shortly after settling in, the guide reported that a giraffe had died from natural causes. He said that it was not far from camp and that we would certainly follow up in the morning.

This gave me hope that I may very well see that animal that kept eluding me.

The morning came soon enough and we headed straight to the fallen giraffe. As we arrived I saw the tail that I had once seen before.

Brown Hyena-3

We managed to spend a considerable time watching this brown hyena enjoy an easy meal. We gave him some space and he was quite content with us hanging around.

While enjoying the interaction around the carcass, we heard echoes of the male lion from the previous night. Slowly but surely the calls increased in volume. The male lion was heading straight in our direction. The big question was whether he had smelled the giraffe or just patrolling his territory.

Brown Hyena-1

The brown hyena seemed to have the same questions on his mind. As the calls grew louder, the scavenger started getting anxious. It eventually moved off the carcass and did a big loop through the bush. The hyena could not pick up any signs of the lion, but decided to rather move off and head back home.

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