An outing to the Kruger

I will never say no to a trip into the Kruger National Park. It has its own charm and there is always something to be seen.

I have never had great success with leopards in the Kruger. This trip was quite different. I passed a very large fever tree on a lonely gravel road. Draped over one of the branches was a large male leopard. He just glanced over in my direction and would give me a quick stare from time to time.


Early mornings in the bush is usually a good time to find some form of action. I decided to head down a gravel road yet again. After some time, I noticed some vehicles gathered around a tree just off of the road. I hoped that it may be another leopard. Sure enough it was. There was a young female leopard up in a tree. She had hoisted an impala kill. I spent a considerable amount of time with the relaxed leopard.


One thing that I thoroughly enjoy seeing in the Kruger is the large male elephants. I was very fortunate to have multiple sightings with various males, both near to the vehicle and a distance away.


The weather over the two days that I was there was rather cool, but pleasant. The sky was filled with clouds for the most part. I neared a hilltop and when I approached I noticed a troop of baboons on the summit. They were using the hill as a vantage point while they were enjoying their breakfast.


Kruger is a great place to partake in birding. There was still a great deal of birds around, even though the seasons are changing quickly. I even managed to tick off a new little bird, a Village Indigobird, in one of the rest camps.

Spending time in the bush is not only about seeing the Big 5 or hoping for kills or take downs. On my way back to the camp I had a black-backed jackal that refused to move off the road. It casually laid next to the road and watched as the last cars drove by.


I have never had a bad stay in Kruger and I look forward to my next adventure in the national park.

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