Have you noticed the birds around your home?

As fun and exciting as visiting nature reserves may be, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a little wildlife in the comfort of your backyards.

The best way to attract a wide variety of birds to the garden is to have a great biodiversity within the garden itself. Different birds require different conditions. Some birds are seed eaters, fruit eaters, nectar feeders or insect eaters to name a few. Having a variety of trees and plants in the garden will likely attract different birds to your spot.

During the winter months, you can expect a great show of flowers from local aloe species. The sunbirds go crazy when they realise there are flowering aloes around. They can be quite vocal so it is unlikely that you will miss their arrival to your plants.

White-bellied sunbird

Other birds may eat some of your flowers, so try and make sure that you have a few of the same species around.

Grey Go-away Bird

Some residential areas still have a local guineafowl population. Often overlooked, but the dotted feather pattern is mesmerizing. They will often dust bath and preen themselves in the sun.


Some birds like the Black-backed Puffback have very unique calls. So even if you cannot see the bird at first, if you can identify the call and wait patiently, you may be able to track it down and spot it amongst the branches.

Black-backed Puffback

Adding a bird bath or a little water feature is a sure fire way to attract some birds into the garden. Whether they come for a drink or simply just to splash around, most birds cannot resist a visit to the water feature.

Black-collared Barbet

3 Comments on “Have you noticed the birds around your home?

  1. I agree with you whole-heartedly! Have just compiled a composite bird list for my garden over the last six years and am taken aback to find I have recorded 107 species here over that time. Your photographs are a real joy.

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