Boulders leopard presents her cub

As personalities go, there are a few leopards that love parading around and others love to lurk around in the shadows.

The Boulders female leopard lies in the middle of this scale. I have had the pleasure of sitting an entire game drive with her, but I have also had days where I want to pull my hair out trying to track and find her.

These days finding her foot prints are a little more exciting as there are an extra set of tracks accompanying her. Boulder’s has another cub that is growing stronger by the day. The youngster is starting to follow mom around while it moves between different kills.

I recently managed to view the cub for the first time and it was a spectacular introduction. As I arrived into the sighting, the youngster nestled itself in long, dry grass. It peered at me with the most inquisitive eyes.

Mom had made a small kill and the cub eventually moved towards where it was stashed away. Most of the food was already consumed by the time I had arrived. The youngster looked at the meal and dismissed it as if it only was interested in the good stuff.

Once it got bored with its mangled meal, it moved on towards mom. It thought that practicing stalking in the driest, strawlike grass was a fanastic idea. Clearly stealth is not its speciality quite yet. Before the stalk even began, Boulder’s noticed the shenanigans and gave the cub “the look”.

The cub changed its tone and in typical cat –like fashion, it went over and greeted her with great enthusiasm.

I look forward to my next tracking session and creating new memories with this duo.

12 Comments on “Boulders leopard presents her cub

  1. Hi Cal,
    How lovely to see Boulders again with a cub.
    I happened to see Hlambela from her previous litter.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  2. How heartwarming to see this, such a gorgeous cub. Indeed never a dull moment when you see the little ones. Again great pics, Cal. I enjoyed this blog immensely. Thank you,

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