Starting off with 2023

The New Year has started off at an incredible pace and life in the bush has been busy. Thank you for all the support during 2022. I appreciate all the likes, comments, views and shares. I hope that 2023 brings another great year of safari and bush memories for everyone.

The year started off with some great summer rains. As a result many of the ponds and pans filled up, bringing in a chorus of frogs and toads. Even the pond in the lodge showcased some of our frisky frogs.

I have had a few interesting sightings to start the year off and quite a few of them have been first timers for me. I drove past a herd of impala and something caught my eye. One of the females had something on her head. On closer inspection I noticed she had a set of horns. The horns were bent over and very thin and misformed. She was in top condition otherwise and this didn’t seem to bother her at all.

Another spectacular first for me was witnessing this sighting of an African Rock Python constricting and then starting to swallow a young impala. The light was fading and I did not want to disturb the snake while laying in such a vulnerable position. The next morning the snake had moved off from its position.

One thing that I have not been short of the past few months has been the switch ups in lion dynamics. The Plains Camp male lions have swiftly swooped into the area and they show no signs of leaving soon.

A post simply feels incomplete without giving Ravenscourt some airtime too. He is still marching forward and dominating the majority of the western section.

This magnificent male leopard has been spending a considerable time on top of termite mounds. From a viewing point of view, this places Ravenscourt at eye level and creates such a unique viewing experience.

There has also been an influx of large elephant bulls into the area. These gentle giants command respect and I am fortunate that they grace me with their presence in a cool, calm and collected manner.

There has been a hive of activity around the termite mounds recently. With the rising temperatures, the termite mounds have been left uncapped. I have had amazing sightings of various birds of prey pinching off the exposed termites.

Thamba has been patrolling the area adjacent to Ravenscourt’s territory. He has filled out nicely and still has not had a major clash. I do not get to see this stocky male leopard too often, but every sighting with him has been a treat.

22 Comments on “Starting off with 2023

  1. A lovely start to the New Year. Thank you, Cal, for the news from Sabi Sands. We’ll be back in a few weeks time and hope to share some of these magnificent sightings.
    Catherine Constable

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  2. Cal, how wonderful to hear from you again with this fantastic blog. Seeing Ravenscourt again is such a treat! It makes me very happy that he is still around and thriving. Great pics, as usual; your photos always tell stories. Thank you.

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  4. Hi Cal,
    Great to see your beautiful pics and to read your updates. Thank you for sharing.
    I recently heard that Thlangisa has died. It was such a privilege to follow her and her cubs during the past ~14 years. This will probably cause some territorial shift for the females too.
    I’ll come and visit you early March, hope to see you there
    All the best

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    • Hi Laszlo, thank you so much. Yes it seems that she has passed on and will be sorely missed. Her previous daughters have taken her territory so no major switch ups luckily. Lions on the other hand..a whole different story. Will fill you in when you visit in March.


  5. Thanks Cal for all the photos and up to date info. Fabulous pictures see you in February
    Happy new year to you all

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  6. Hi Cal since we left the weather has really deteriorated. How’s things? We’re quite concerned about you all.

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    • Thanks Dorothy, I didn’t think the year would start off with floods. Luckily no damage on my side, but a lot of rain has fallen. The waters will bring new life to the bush once it subsides.


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