Plains Camp and Ximungwe lions on honeymoon

It has been a crazy month monitoring the movements between the various lions around the area.

The two dominant Plains Camp male lions keep patrolling their newly acquired area in the west. Most nights are filled with the incredible sound of their mighty roars.

The younger Ximungwe lioness finally gave birth to her first litter in a thicket along a sandy river bed. It is uncertain exactly how many cubs were born. A day or two later I found the two large males patrolling the river and they seemed to be hot on the scent of another lion. I am not sure whether the Tumbela male had visited the den already. All of a sudden the two males sprinted down stream and ended up startling the females at the den. There was an enormous commotion and once all the chaos settled down, all four lions came out from the den. Since then the Ximungwe female has not returned to that area.

After a few days the larger Plains Camp male has returned to the area with an enormous belly. This meal will keep him moving for a couple of days.

Turns out a good meal served him well as the Plains Camp boys finally met up with the Ximungwe girls again. Following her loss, the younger Ximungwe lioness is in oestrous again.

While the larger brother is busy mating with the females, the smaller brother does not stand a chance. He often moves off and goes on a territorial patrol.

It seems as if the Ximungwe female cannot dodge the boys at all. The Plains Camp male is head over heels for this female and has been on her tail for the past few days. They have been spending a lot of time on the warm airstrip as the autumn nights start cooling down.

Hopefully her next set of cubs will make it through and the Plains Camp males can start to secure their territory.

11 Comments on “Plains Camp and Ximungwe lions on honeymoon

  1. Thank you Cal for keeping us up to date with the Plains Camp and Ximungwe lion movements, and beautiful photographs. I feel that I’m back at LH with the drama unfolding around me. I look forward to your next post.

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    • Hey Cal. It’s Pascal here and I was with you on safari in February. Great stuff man and keep them coming. When are you coming back to CPT, I owe you a beer hehehe

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      • Hi Pascal, great hearing from you again. Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy the posts. Possibly down end of year again, keep that beer cold for me.


  2. Such an exciting new blog, Cal. Lions always stir something in my heart and I fail in putting that into words. The loss of precious lion cubs is very sad; hopefully there will be new generations soon and may they grow into formidable lions and lionesses. Thank you for your newest story on what goes on in the bush, great stuff! Marianne

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    • Thank You Marianne. It is always sad when news hits that the cubs are gone. Unfortunately I did not even get to see this litter. I trust the drama will fade and the prides can settle down this side.


  3. What healthy-looking lions and the honey moon couple are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing their family in the future. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos, Cal.

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