Marching through March

Taking a slow drive through the Kruger National Park is one way to ease into a new work cycle. Elephant traffic jams and halting for hyenas do not seem all that strenuous.

I managed to enjoy a fun walk by from this lone hyena just before I exited the park. Another vehicle passed by me and asked whether I had seen any wild dogs (aka painted wolves) in the immediate area. I had not, but wondered whether this hyena was en route to the wild dogs. The vehicle moved on and I continued following the hyena. It did indeed lead me to the wild dog pack. As it was midday, the wild dogs were resting in a Tamboti tree thicket and visibility was not great at all.

When you start your work cycle and one of your first sightings back is a gorgeous male leopard chilling in a tree, you know that things will pan out well. Hlambela had eaten the day before and simply needed a moment to rest and work off his catch.

It has been incredible spending time with Hlambela over the past 5 years. He truly has given countless moments to marvel at his good looks.

I have not witnessed so much chaos with regards to lions as I have been over the past few months. The two Plains Camp male lions have marched into the area and they show no signs off backing out soon. They have spent countless hours with the two Ximungwe lionesses and it seems as if they want to take over and control the pride. As soon as it seems as though they will, the leave again. This has caused chaos as the young Birmingham male and the Tumbela male sound move around the area undetected.

Coming from the Kruger National Park, these males have fought their way to where they want to be. Though they carry a few battle wounds, they move around with confidence.

Another great moment spent with Tisela as she posed on a termite mound at eye level as the sun was fading. She picked up on the scent of some impala nearby. I watched as she carefully positioned herself in long grass with a row of Red Bushwillow trees ahead. Unfortunately she waited until darkness fell and I lost visual of her.

10 Comments on “Marching through March

  1. Thank you Cal for this beautiful update and great pictures. Thank you for sharing!
    We just missed each other by a few hours at LH early March. Had a great time with Justin though.
    Hope to see you soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Laszlo, unfortunately so, but glad you had a great time regardless. The bush is pumping at the moment and hope to see you around soon again.


  2. Hi Cal, it warms my heart to see these beautiful big cats again. It simply is never enough! What a way to enter your work cycle; makes me want to come out of retirement 😇 Thank you for another great blog, looking forward to the next one! Marianne van der Stelt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Marianne, a fortunate way to start a work cycle. Sometimes it is even more eventful than that. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed another post.


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