Autumn takes over April

The onset of cooler mornings and evenings as well as shades of yellow, orange and brown taking over the landscape indicate that Autumn is in full swing.

Bird calls have slowed down and last seasons babies are growing up quickly. Yet there is always something new and interesting to see out in the wild.

I still find myself fascinated with chameleons and every chance I get to see one I most certainly will stop to marvel at their bizarre movements. I found this flap-necked chameleon fast asleep on a branch one evening while making my way back to the camp.

I also love how this species seems to have a smiley face as it’s markings.

While driving along a gravel road, my tracker swiftly turned around and told me to stop the vehicle. I wasn’t exactly sure why. I hopped out onto the road and I saw something most peculiar. A fresh water crab must have started traveling from the Sand River towards one of the nearby water holes. I have not seen one of these crabs around here before and I was definitely not expecting to see one on the road.

I don’t think it had seen a vehicle before either and stood with its pincers out as if to block and protect the road.

One thing to really look forward to during autumn and winter are the gorgeous sunsets. As the bush starts to dry out, dust sediment takes to the sky and acts as a vibrant filter to make those colours pop. I enjoyed a special sighting of the two Othawa lionesses playing under this colorful sunset.

Two sightings that I missed this season was new born zebra and new born giraffe. This is one of the earliest images that I managed to get of a youngster. Before you know it, the babies grow up so quickly and cute season is over.

One leopard that really has been putting on a show is the Tisela female. It seems as if each time I see her she is sitting in a tree.

The Plains Camp male lions have also been parading around the area and have given us a vocal display for the last few nights.

8 Comments on “Autumn takes over April

  1. As always, Cal, great to hear news from your blog and beautiful photography. The Othawa females look relaxed and less hassled than a few weeks ago – good to see. Thanks so much for sharing these insights – a great start to my day.
    Catherine Constable

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  2. What a lovely blog, Cal. All the more as we face the reverse change in season in the northern hemisphere. Funny, that crab blocking your way (and quite impressive as well). Nothing beats the sight of a full bellied male lion; now that is something really blocking your way! Great stuff again, Cal, we so enjoy your blogs on one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Marianne

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